How To Read Results

As native InDesign wordcount, Text Count counts text in frame and the overset one separately. To get count for entire text content, you can select all text in story and change Text Count range to selection.


Count method

Text Count counts words and characters the same way as Microsoft Word. It gives exactly same results for identical text.



Estimates for empty text frames and for remaining space will facilitate production and space planning when you don't have all the content ready. To obtain the best result, it's important to have desired character and paragraph style of the frame defined. Estimates also get more accurate, when there is already some text in the document. During whole production Text Count learns about characters and words used and refines the estimates. Estimate for text frame or story can improve markedly, when one or two lines of the future content are in it.


Making text frame tailored for its future content

When you create a new text frame, Text Count starts estimating word count to fill the empty space immediately. Just set the desired style of text and start adjusting the size of a frame until you see desired word count in estimate pane. As with the other estimates, pasting a line or two of text similar to the future content will refine the results.