DTP Toolbox for Adobe InDesign

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A suite of plug-ins designed to make your work faster, easier and more efficient.

Have you ever wanted to...

  • Find which graphic in your InDesign file contains a particular spot color?
  • Remove the local text formatting from a whole document?
  • Apply a keyboard shortcut to a color swatch, a layer, or any style?
  • Automatically convert unstyled text to true paragraph and character styles?
  • Compare two similar paragraph styles to see how they're different?
  • Place a script in a menu for easy access?

Now You Can!

Yes, you can do all this and a lot more with DTP Toolbox. See tutorials narrated by David Blatner here: YouTube/DTPTools

Increase your Productivity with DTP Toolbox
In today's economy, you need to make every second count. We designed the DTP Toolbox to optimize your InDesign worklow.

It's the difference between working the old way -- slowly and manually formatting text and objects -- or the new way: automatic style creation; auto fractions; and over 50 new user-customizable shortcuts, including managing layers, swatches, and styles.

While decreasing the time it takes to lay out your files, you can also increase the quality of your output with the help of the Quality Assurance plug-in, which catches common errors such as duplicate objects, incorrect spaces, use of local formatting, short lines, and more. Similarly, the Find Color plug-in uncovers problem colors and lets you fix them! And color and styles reports help ensure styling rules are being followed.

Here are a few more of the many features included in DTP Toolbox:

  • Script Manager makes it easy to use scripts, even for beginner users. You can even embed scripts in a document for template automation. Blatner Tools also comes with our choice of great third-party scripts, written by some of the best script developers in the industry.
  • Remember keeps track of your preference files in case they get lost, and even lets you export and import your preferences and other resource files to share with your workgroup.
  • Auto Page helps you avoid overset frames by letting them auto-grow or auto-thread to new pages.

In InDesign CC and higher versions DTP Toolbox plug-ins ares part of the DTP Tools Cloud bundle. Please install using the Cloud app.


  • Power Styles
    Compare styles now takes "Next Style" setting into account.
    Object styles turned off attributes are now compared too.
  • Text Controls
    The "Vertically justify using leading" feature was changed to fit text to frame using leading - it now works in overset frames too.
  • Quality Assurance
    Quality assurance now detects usage of more than one em, en and other white space.
This update was posted 1/29/10. Official hero user of this update is Michael whose eye caught all these problems.


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