Support: Page Control for Adobe InDesign

Missing Recent file list after installing the plug-in

When new plug-in is installed into Adobe InDesign or InCopy, the list of recently opened documents disappears. This is a standard InDesign or InCopy behaviour when a plug-in is installed or removed.

Objects are moving within frames when moving pages around in non-facing pages document

This was an issue of public beta version. Currently released Page Control 1.0 does not have this problem.

Can I have both portrait and landscape pages in the same spread?

Yes, Page Control supports every possible page size combination within InDesign's page size limit (between 0.1667 and 216 inches for each dimension).

When I export the document with different page sizes into .inx and re-open, custom page settings are lost.

Version 1.0 dos not support the export to InDesign Interchange format. It will be added with the next update.


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