Layer Comps for Adobe InDesign

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Layer Comps bring a revolution to your multiple output workflow. You can save countless combinations of layout into one document. This means that until the final export, you only need one document for both vertical and horizontal iPad output, Print and web documents, different paper or device formats.

Layer Comps panel records object size and position, but keeps text and graphic contents same for all layout versions. Layer Comps also record which objects, object layers (psd and ai layers), and whole layers were visible and which were hidden in each layout, in each layer comp.

You can recall a Layer Comp with an instant click. Think of this as a sort of savable "Snapshot" function - although it only notes your viewing state, never trashes layers, and is saved with your file.

Want to be even more efficient? Check out the Layer Groups plug-in too. Buy both plug-ins in Layer Tools bundle for a discounted price.


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