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€ 35-1800
Whether you plan to migrate your workflow, or you just need to edit a few FrameMaker documents in InDesign, MIF Filter is the right choice.

MIF Filter is the only InDesign import filter for Adobe FrameMaker documents. It was developed in close cooperation with InDesign and FrameMaker experts and a broad base of beta users ranging from single person design studios to biggest corporations. In the long beta period the filter has converted over 500.000 unique pages of documents, giving us enough feedback to get closer to our goal - nearly 100% identical document after conversion.

FrameMaker uses two equal document formats - FM and MIF; only the latter is supported by MIF Filter. Documents saved as FM have to be saved as MIF in order to be opened in InDesign. With MIF Filter installed, InDesign opens FrameMaker MIF documents the same way as InDesign documents.

For more information about converted features, please go to Features section, or contact us.

Conversion fidelity and further development

MIF Filter is a very complex software, and even though we invested great amount of effort to make it perfect, it will be continually improved. If your documents are converted incorrectly, please check knowledge base or let us know.

Pricing model

To keep the price affordable for every user, MIF Filter is paid on the per-page basis instead of per license - the very same model is used for pre-paid cell phones. The price per page ranges between 0.35 - 0.18 EUR depending on the volume purchased. Conversion is charged only upon saving the document - if the conversion result is not acceptable, do not save the document and there will be no charge.

The page credit is not needed to open FrameMaker files, to assess and test MIF Filter's functionality and usability. It's only necessary to save converted and approved documents. Page credit is available in the following pre-paid coupons:

  • Page credit for 100 pages: 35 EUR (0.35 EUR per page)
  • Page credit for 500 pages: 150 EUR (0.30 EUR per page)
  • Page credit for 1.000 pages: 250 EUR (0.25 EUR per page)
  • Page credit for 5.000 pages: 1100 EUR (0.22 EUR per page)
  • Page credit for 10.000 pages: 1800 EUR (0.18 EUR per page)

The page conversion credit can be purchased in our webstore, or directly from InDesign menu File -> MIF Filter -> Page Credit. Monthly plan purchasing can be set up for larger volume users - please contact sales@dtptools.com. To help you evaluate the pricing and conversion strategies, there's a "5 reasons sheet" pdf document summarizing the pros of conversion vs re-design. It can help you to present this concept to your managers.


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