iDML app for iOS

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$ 19.99
The iDML app allows you to preview documents and edit stories from InDesign documents on your iPad. You can also assign any of the paragraph or character styles that are defined in the document to a selected piece of text.

iDML app can edit any documents in the InDesign markup format - "idml". It shows all stories within the document and allows to edit them. It also displays a list of fonts, swatches and styles used in the document. No layout changes are made to the document when edited in this app and no third party data is manipulated. Only thing that you need to take into account is that the edited story might need copy fitting in InDesign, if you've added or removed too much text and the text ends up overset or not filling the frames.

Now you can take your stories outside the office - have fun editing!

You'd like to see the layout in idml files but have no need to edit the text? Or maybe you want to check how your documents look in the app before spending $20 for it? Check out the $2.99 Lite version in iTunes.


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