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Cross-References is a modular system which responds to every referencing need. It is a robust solution inspired by a similar feature in Adobe FrameMaker and improved thanks to the greater flexibility of the InDesign environment, utilizing paragraph and character styles with XML driven format.

Cross-references can work as hyperlinks for PDF output; formats can be defined to automatically use the language of surrounding text. References can point across different documents and are updated live for all open documents.

In InDesign CC and higher versions Cross-References plug-in is part of the DTP Tools Cloud bundle. Please install using the Cloud app.

Free reader is available for your service providers and collaborators. The reader takes care of correct updating and has the features for conversion of cross-references to text.

CS4 users, who need to convert cross-references into native CS4 format can do so by using the Cross-References Migration Tool. Please keep in mind that the conversion is lossy due to numerous features unsupported in CS4.

New features in Cross-References Pro 1.1

  • new format element - Source Marker Name
  • new "Include trailing white spaces" attribute added to Paragraph Number and Paragraph Text elements
  • Conversion to and from native InDesign CS4 references (CS4 - CS6 versions only)
  • New feature for batch hyperlink enabling and disabling.
  • Upgrade from any previous version is free of charge as always. Original serial numbers remain valid for the new activation. This applies to versions CS3-CS6. Versions for CC and higher versions are subscription based only.


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