MIF Filter for QuarkXPress


An inexpensive way to expand the range of formats you can process

If you are a QuarkXPress user and a client asks you whether you can accept or output FrameMaker format, the YES answer can cost you either $799 for Adobe FrameMaker license, or $99 for MIF Filter.

MIF Filter is not a replacement for FrameMaker, but it allows you to work with FrameMaker documents with the advantage of QuarkXPress environment you are used to.

Want to switch Mac OS X and keep FrameMaker format?

Adobe has announced end of life for Mac FrameMaker. As a FrameMaker user, you can either stick to OS 9 or Classic, or switch to PC. If you want to keep your Mac and upgrade to OS X, you will have to find another layout application. And if you'll choose QuarkXPress, MIF Filter is here to make the migration as smooth as possible.


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