Layer Groups for Adobe InDesign


Layer Groups name well describes the plug-ins main feature - the possibility to sort layers into folders.

The second feature enables you to choose entire layer as non-printing. This way you can easily have a layer for comments or alternative objects without the risk of getting them accidentally into print. This feature was added to InDesign CS3 and Layer Groups plug-in is fully compatible (non-printing layers created in CS will have the CS3 format once imported)

All documents created with the Layer Groups can still be opened and edited without this plug-in. The layer hierarchy will remain the same. Changes made to the layer structure without Layer Groups plug-in will be synchronized with the group structure when opened with Layer Groups plug-in again.

NEW IN 2.1

List all layers in linked or embedded .psd and .ai documents and allow to change visibility.

Allows automatic sorting of objects to layers based on object type (button, text frame, graphic frame, multi state obect)

Cooperates with the new features in Layer Comps 2.0

NEW IN 2.0

List all objects in the layer within spread or document

Import layers from other documents. Layers are imported with original order and structure and with all objects on them.


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