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The app allows to type new text, change existing text or remove text from any of the stories in the idml document. You can select a piece of text and assign pre-defined character style. You can assign paragraph style to the current paragraph or selected paragraphs.

Sample idml document with screenshots from its rendering on iPad.

You can see the same sample file being edited in this video:
  • Opens any idml document and lists all stories inside.
  • Permits to apply pre-existing styles on selected text.
  • Shows layout preview of the document including embedded graphics and InDesign vector objects.
  • Lists used paragraph and character styles, swatches and fonts.
  • any app supporting export

Places you can open files from: Dropbox, e-mail, iTunes, any app suporting export.

New features in 2.0

  • document layout preview
  • document swatch listing
  • improved font replacement
  • Performance and stability improved

No layout changes are made to the document when edited in this app and no third party data is manipulated. The app contains neither InDesign's paragraph composer, nor advanced image processing tools. The preview will not reflect text position 1:1 with InDesign and some vector graphic attributes are simplified. You need to take into account is that the edited story might need copy fitting in InDesign, if you've added or removed too much text and the text ends up overset or not filling the frames.


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