History for Adobe InDesign/InCopy


Quoting from reviews

Quark Vs InDesign review by Pariah S. Burke:

"(History) filled in the last missing piece of InDesign..."

"Experimenting with different layouts can be done - and restored - simply by creating new snapshots. No need to worry about undoing, changing something, and being unable to redo back to the original state. Finally! The freedom to experiment without worry comes to InDesign!"

"DTP Tools History for InDesign CS (and History for InCopy CS) is such a fundamental tool, a feature InDesign should have had all along, that, now that it is finally available, no InDesign user should be without it. Not having the History palette at our fingertips is like not having the Text Wrap palette! How we got by without it baffles me; now that it is here, how could anyone could even think to delay installing baffles me even more."

"Installing History for InDesign is one action you will never want to undo."

And one more form InDesign Worker website:

"Great Tool!"


Replace all these random searches and endless clicking undo redo back and forth by a single click in the panel.

On the safe side

Never loose those brilliant ideas you had during production. Keep track of every change you have made in your document.


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