DTP Tools Cloud for Adobe InDesign


All in one package

  • Active Tables - spreadsheet editor capability in InDesign
  • Annotations - load PDF comments and edits back to the source file
  • DTP Tools suite including: Power Styles, Quality Assurance, Text Controls, Fractions, Find Colors, AutoPage, Remember and DTP Tools Menu
  • Cross-References PRO - if you are producing longer documents with references, you need this plug-in
  • History - save versions within file, go multiple steps back or forward, never work without History panel again
  • Layer Comps - save layout alternatives within file, essential for multi-output or multi-language workflows, keep everything in sync using one source file
  • Layer Groups - group layers, display object layers, import whole layers into document
  • Linkfo - all there is to know about linked objects right next to them
  • Page Control - to keep your multi-page compatibility with pre-CS4 files or tjust to keep the workflow you're used to
  • Power Groups - because keeping grouped objects on one layer sometimes isn't the option
  • Text Count - fit text to frame, count, estimate appraise
  • Tetris - all work and no play makes you a dull designer
  • URL2hyperlink - so your readers do not have to copy-paste more complicated URLs and e-mails to a browser


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