Easy editing

Whatever you need to add and change, you can do that directly in the website front end. Only thing you need is to have the necessary user rights and click on the edit buton on the contents you want to change.

Easy sharing

Now sharing your visual identity assets is easy, but safe. You can create groups of users and assign user rights to every story in the content, you can assign special rights to translators, who can localize the content directly on the website, to text editors, your or your customers employees, providers, partners. All with customized rights.

Just the right size

Branduals can be (and is) used by companies of any size. It is big enough for a brand of a whole country (Czech Republic tourism board) and a big electricity provider CEZ with 60 big powerplants. It is flexible enough for a hotel chain, and it is affordable enough for a one logo brand. It is there for every company taking their visual identity seriously.

Clean design

Branduals is there not to boast itself, but to present your brand and visual assets. It's design is clean, easy to use for visitors and administrators and fine-tuned in every way to be visually pleasing but neutral.

Based on latest technologies

Built for Windows Azure platform using the newest HTML 5 features and constantly updated and improved, Branduals is and will be on the bleeding edge of web technology.


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