MIF Filter for Adobe InDesign


High fidelity conversion

MIF Filter precision is beyond the capabilities of human designer. It would take hours of work, before the redesign result would be at least visually identical to the original document. Not mentioning the fact that such redesign has to be made by an operator experienced with both applications.

Seconds instead of days

Even the most complicated FrameMaker documents are converted within seconds. Redesign of such documents would take days. Estimates of the re-design work are hard to make and even harder to fulfill. With MIF Filter, you can convert the documents at the very moment you need them.

Cents instead of Dollars

Using MIF Filter means having a complete control over migration costs which will never exceed a few cents per page. Manual re-design of the documents means you will pay $20 per manhour for designers work*. Even the easiest layout can not be redesigned to for less then the price of MIF Filter conversion. You can select form a range of pre-paid coupons or time-plan contracts to have the lowest rates or the fastest ROI in your process.
*Graphic designer average hourly wage was $21.19 in 2001, according to Occupational Employment Survey of Employers by EDD/LMID.

Continuous software improvement instead of disclaimers

We know your time is too valuable to spend on fixing minor errors in the documents. Send us the concerned document and we will start improvement work right away. Our goal is to have a perfect tool, which we plan to achieve by close cooperation with customers and rapid reaction to feedback.

Improving InDesign to improve conversion results

We will not consider our development done until the converted documents will be 100% identical. If the features used in the document do not have their match in InDesign, we will create a plug-in to substitute it like we've done with Cross-References. Please contact us to find out more about the planned improvements.


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