Layer Tools for Adobe InDesign


Sort layers into folders.

Show objects in a layer in a tree structure of Folders, Layers, Object groups and objects.

Import Layers from other documents.

Export layer comps from a document.

Set layer as non-printing. This way you can easily have a layer for comments or alternative objects without the risk of getting them accidentally into print. This feature is provided by Layer Groups in CS and CS2 and compatible by the native InDesign CS3 feature.

Layer Comps allows to save different settings of layer visibility, lock state, order, printability, guide visibility and lock state.

Comps can be also exported into all formats supported by InDesign. You can export a single comp into .inx as a snapshot or multiple comps into .pdf to show your clients layout alternatives.

All documents created with the Layer Tools plug-ins can still be opened and edited without these plug-ins. The layer hierarchy will remain the same. Changes made to the layer structure without Layer Groups plug-in will be synchronized with the group structure when opened with Layer Groups plug-in again.


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