X-references Maintenance and Errors


Live updates

References to the same document and external references with currently open source documents are by default updated live. The initial update request can come from two sources - from the cross-reference itself, or from its source marker. When line of text with cross-reference or source marker is affected by text composition (e.g., line is moved, attributes are applied, etc.), cross-reference update is scheduled. When a document which contains many references is dramatically modified (eg. frequent shuffling of pages), updating can be turned off to save computing capacities by: Cross-References panel menu -> Disable Live Updates.  Live updates can be enabled again on the same place. Live Updates don't update cross-references with external source markers in closed documents - to update cross-references in closed documents, use manual update.

Manual Updates

When live updates are disabled, you can still update one or more selected references manually by pushing the  button or Cross-References panel menu -> Update Cross-Reference(s). When live updates are off and you want to update all references just once, choose Cross-References panel menu -> Update All Cross-References . This feature is also useful when you want to make sure all references are up to date before the final output.

Unresolved reference

When your reference has a red tinted background like this text and this icon  next to its name in the panel list, it means that it can't retrieve the data from its source marker. Hovering over the icon in panel will display a tooltip with the cause of the problem.

This can be caused by missing source marker in the current document (the marker was deleted or renamed with Keep Linked Cross-References feature off). If the reference was an external one, it is either caused by a missing document, or a document which can't be opened (e.g., locked by another user). If the document was moved to another known location or renamed to a known name, you can use select the reference in the panel and click the button to re-link to a correct location. If there are other references leading to the same document, you will be offered to re-link them all automatically.

Invalid reference

When your reference has a magenta tinted background like this text and this icon  next to its name in the panel list, it indicates that there is a problem with the reference composition. Hovering over the icon in panel will display a tooltip with the cause of the problem.

Re-linking references

When you want to change the target document of a reference, select it in the panel and click the  button. You will be asked to automatically re-link remaining cross-references linked to this document, if such documents exist. Remember that re-linking to a document different from the one previously linked will result in unresolved cross-references, unless the new document contains markers of the same name as the ones used. Alt+Click on the  button will re-link selected cross-references to the current document.

Converting references to text

If your document layout is finished and you want to make sure it will stay the way it is right now, you can freeze the state of cross-references by coverting them to normal text. This will also prevent them from displaying incorrect information due to page imposition. Cross-References panel menu -> Convert all Cross-References to Text.  If you only want some references to stay as they are right now, you can select them in the panel and choose Cross-References panel menu -> Convert Cross-Reference to Text .