External References

Creating external references

Creating references to another document is very similar to creating references within a document. The only difference is that before clicking Insert Cross-Reference you need to open the document you will refer to. Then before choosing the source paragraph or marker, you choose the source document in the first drop down list in the Insert Cross-Reference dialog . You will be able to choose from all currently open documents.

Source document needs to be saved at least once before creating the reference.

Updating external references

When live updates are enabled cross-references across all open documents update in real time. Live Updates don't update cross-references with external source markers in closed documents - to update cross-references in closed documents, use manual updates. More on Manual Updates. Manual update of the external reference opens the document on background and updates all references which lead from current document to the source one. Update all Cross-References command initiates update for all refences, internal and external.

Re-linking references

When you want to change the target document of a reference select it in the panel and click  button. You will be offered to automatically re-link remaining cross-references linked to this document, if there will be such documents. Remember that re-linking to a document different from the one previously linked will result in unresolved cross-references, unless the new document contains markers of the same name as the ones used. Alt+Click on the  button will re-link selected cross-references to the current document.

Alt+Click on the Re-link button re-links to the current document.