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Text Count provides quick and easy control over word counts, oversets and space assigning in InDesign or InCopy documents. Counts eight different text items in a wide selection of ranges.

Text Count info panel shows real time count and estimate results and offers user three new functions for managing overset text.

Forget about dummy text and copy pasting to text processors to get your estimates and word count done. Text Count estimates the number of text elements in empty frames using styles set in frame and document language average values. This helps you to adjust the size of frames to fit desired word count and makes space and copy assigning more efficient.

You can use it either in the form of a panel showing you real time count and estimate results, or in comprehensive reports showing you all the desired data in a well-arranged separate document, ready to pass on to your accounting department for freelance payments.

Unlike InDesign's built in text info panel, Text Count shows you counts always, not just when text tool is selected and it counts four more elements. As the only plug-in on the market Text Count performs the estimates and price calculations too. Overset control tools will dramatically improve your production process.


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